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For any of you who come to the Self Aesthetics clinic, you know how committed we are to finding the very best products for every type of skin. From ageing or pigmented, to dry, sensitive and everything in between – we only source high quality skin care and skin supplements. The products stocked in Self Aesthetics are the very same ones we use on ourselves. That way when you have questions, you know you’re getting an honest answer and being helpfully guided towards the products that are perfect for your skin. 

We have chosen the Propaira range as it’s full of incredible ingredients that actively work on your skin to nourish from the inside and out. Made here in Australia, they deliver great results, are very reasonably priced and are available in clinic at all times. 

Skin and hair go hand in hand – glowing skin and lush healthy locks are great indicators of health. This is why we also stock an extensive range of hair supplements to ensure optimal growth for anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning due to age, genetics and hormonal changes.

Ask about our wonderful range of products next time you’re in being treated so we can discuss how to further optimise your beauty enhancement process. 

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