Nutrilift – New Cellular Treatment Factor

Nutrilift –  New Cellular Treatment Factor and is recognised as an antiaging mesotherapy product containing 59 active ingredients that help to hydrate, improve tone and elasticity to the skin.

Typically meso injected under the eye area, small raised lumps will temporarily appear.  These can last 48 hrs post treatment. Planning for work or social occasions needs to be taken into consideration, making this a great Friday or weekend treatment option.  Numbing Cream is to be applied prior to treatment, typically Numbit or Emla from over the counter at any chemist or a stronger formulation can be obtained from a compounding pharmacy.  The link will be sent to you

Treatment protocols are 3 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart, with a single maintenance at 3 months.

This treatment can be coupled with a Wrinkle & Line Reduction and or a Light Peel at the same time.  Add on a LED light therapy treatment for $30

  • Moderate downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Crepey under eye area
  • Best in a series of 3

Nutrilift under eye 3 sessions $799

Nutrilift undereye single session or maintenance $299