Facial Filler Treatments

Facial Fillers treatments are a dissolvable injectable gel that is already recognized by your body. come in all types of strengths, stretch and lift capacity and hydration levels.

Selecting a filler treatment specifically to work with your skin and tissue type, facial filler treatments can add volume, sculpt, smooth and reshape your face, helping to replace the firmness and structure that may have been lost over time.

With a variety of injectable gels, we can improve cheeks, chin and jawline, lips, temples while also smoothing unwanted lines and creases. A balanced face beautifully transitions from one area into another.  For this reason full face consultations are given. Good work is difficult to identify, this takes time and skill.

In Australia, all facial fillers are Schedule 4 medicines and require a consultation and prescription from a medical practitioner prior to treatment. For those not familiar with the process, this is all arranged in clinic during your consultation.

For your comfort, all facial filler treatments have anaesthetic within the product to help with any discomfort. We also have several tips to help assist make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Filler treatments can create some degree of swelling, tenderness and or bruising.  One to two weeks of mild downtime will always occur, this is a normal soft tissue response to having needles or cannulas used during the treatment.  Filler treatments used to mimic bone can feel firm within the skin before softening.

Planning treatments around work or social events before committing to a treatment is recommended, most Self Aesthetic patients are able to return to work the following day.  Please be reminded these are medical treatments not beauty treatments.