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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Administration FAQs

Consultations and Treatment appointments can be made from either the book now button on the Website, Facebook or Instagram.

Emailing is also an option.

Easy, on your confirmation or booking email you will see a link.  Click this link to choose the day and time you prefer.

If your appointment falls within 48 hours cancellation time you will not be able to move your appointment time and the deposit fee of $50 is forfeited.

Yes, Self Aesthetics has a waitlist.  You can add yourself to the waitlist when looking for an appointment time.

Every effort will be made to accomodate you, however Charlotte does book up quickly so it is advised to rebook at the close of your current appointment.

Life is never perfect and we understand it can get in the way – bad traffic or other problems will always happen.  Self Aesthetics does its best to run to schedule and we’ll let you know if we are also running late, although this is rare.

If you are running late to your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommodate your if there is time after your original booking slot.   Your treatment time may have to be shortened or it may not be possible at all if it impact on other patients already booked in.  In this scenario you will forfeit your booking fee.

A specific time and date is reserved for you and your booking fee guarantees’ this.  If you don’t arrive for your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your booking fee.  Charlotte often has a waitlist and it is unfair to both those who want a booking and Charlotte to not attend your appointment.

Self Aesthetics accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Cash.  You can use a combination of these.

Self Aesthetics gift vouchers can also be redeemed on any treatment or product used in clinic.

Afterpay can be used to purchase online gift vouchers.  

Afterpay is not accepted for services and treatments in clinic.

Yes, you can purchase Gift Vouchers in clinic or online.  There are pre set amounts or you can simply choose the amount you wish to spend.

Vouchers can be redeemed in clinic on any service or product.


I understand you often want to know a ballpark price of what your treatment will be before you book in. I appreciate you are trying ascertain if your budget covers whats needed.

Until you’ve had an in depth consultation, it really is impossible to know how much a treatment will cost, the best product or treatment and technique for you.

Please come with an open mind as a full face assessment is given. We don’t just age in one particular area ie lips or nose to mouth lines. Very often want you think you would like is not what you need to keep an natural balanced look.

Imagine your hairdresser trying to quote for a colour and cut without seeing your facial shape or knowing your hair colour – it’s simply impossible.

Facial aesthetics and injectables are complex as everyone’s anatomy is different. The ideal treatment is undetectable. It would be completely wrong to quote you a price before I you have been consulted and had an in depth examination of your anatomy.

General FAQs

Some services use products that are considered Schedule 4 Medicines.  In Australia these are known as S4 Prescription Medicines.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates these medicines and has ruled it illegal to advertise prescription medicines.

If you are an exisiting patient of Self Aesthetics you can request a price list  here as we have discussed the relevant treatments face to face in clinic.

For new patients please book a  New Patient Appointment  

You can choose to make your appointment with or without treatment (depending on which treatment).

Consultations are very thorough and take up to 1 hour.  You will learn about the aging process from bone to skin, potential risks involved and a treatment plan will be made specifically for you.  You are under NO obligation to proceed with any of the treatment recommendations.

You are seeking medical advice and as such there is a $75 fee for the consultation.

As of the 7th of March 2024 the TGA deemed it illegal in Australia to feature before and after images where a schedule 4 prescription medicine has been used.

There are plenty of before and after images available for you to look at during your in person consultation. 


No medical advice re “what treatment would be best for” or “How much for ??mls or this area?”

These questions constitute Self Aesthetics giving medical advice which cannot be done via a social media platform.

Existing patients can email requesting a price list or a PDF on any service. Or are welcome to make an Existing Patient Consultation.  This way we an create a clear path for your aesthetic health which is relevant to your face and budget.

New patients will require a face to face in clinic consultation.  This is not a money grabbing exercise to ‘get you in the door’.  If we have never seen you or cannot see how you use your facial muscles or what is the current texture or thickness of your skin, we cannot effectively advise you.

Advising over a social medial platform is unprofessional,  unsafe and not best practice.  All medical advise regarding prescription medicines is required by law to be discussed in person.

All products used are TGA approved.

All equipment used is TGA approved.

Self Aesthetics prides itself on choosing quality, well researched products and equipment with sound clinical evidence.

Treatment FAQs

In the case of emergency please text Charlotte on 0405 648 085 a picture of the area of concern with a description of what you are experiencing.  Charlotte will call you straight back.

On rare occasions Charlotte will engage the help of another highly qualified practitioner.  

Charlotte has the Juvae Medical team at hand, she is also a member of Australia’s only 24/7 Aesthetic Emergency support for Aesthetic practitioners  Aesthetic MET. 




If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or actively trying ( ie not using contraceptives) you cannot have an injectable treatment.  There are simply no clinical studies to prove these treatments are  safe.

If you are wanting a Facial Volumising treatment and are going overseas in the following 2 weeks.

If you have any allergies to any of the ingredients.  

If you are currently on any antibiotics.

For volumising, biostimulating or biofiller treatments you must not be having MAJOR dental work 4 weeks either side of your appointment.

If you bruise following your lip treatment you can purchase a lip kit for $40 which has 2 products to prevent bruising and nourish you lips.

Take Panadol for any discomfort. Do not take Anti inflammatories, Aspirin unless prescribed by your Doctor.

Ice intermittently when you get home.

Avoid Alcohol for 3 days prior and post procedure.

Apply Arnica or Bruise-eze cream available from your local pharmacy.


To help reduce bruising we recommend avoiding the following for 5 days pre treatment.

  • alcohol
  • aspirin (take if you are medically prescribed)
  • anti-inflammatory medicines (neurofen, ibuprofen etc)
  • fish oils or krill oils
  • garlic or ginger supplements

Charlotte will do all she can to avoid a bruise. However bruising and swelling cannot be completely avoided.  Injectable treatments involve needle or cannula injections into the soft tissues, which may result in some form of downtime.

If you have an important social event or special occasion coming up or a work meeting, it is recommended you plan your treatments whilst taking the expected downtime into account.  This is especially true if you are new to these treatments and are not really sure of the outcome.

Aftercare is verbally discussed during your in clinic treatment or consultation.

Aftercare sheets for each procedure are emailed to you at the completion of your appointment from Self Aesthetics.  Please search you inbox to locate them.

The medical team will immediately email you a copy of your consent form and an aftercare sheet once the Telehealth consultation is completed.

Please come to all treatment appointments with NO makeup.  This allows me to assess you skin in its natural form.  

Makeup also harbours bacteria that could lead to an infection.  You will be required to remove make up in clinic which will reduce your treatment time.

Aesthetic treatments are not beauty treatments and should be viewed as such.

Avoiding alcohol pre and post treatment can help reduce the risk of bruising.

Eat a healthy diet low in fat if you are undertaking a regenerative medicine treatment.  You are putting your own cells back into yourself so we want to be as healthy as can be. 

Like any medical procedure, results are never guaranteed.  They can vary, expectations can differ and downtime or occasionally complications can occur.  This is explained in depth in your consultation and repeated in your consent form (which is email to you) prior to treatment.

All feedback is welcomed so we can work together to address your concerns.  Every face is different and every patient has different expectations of what is normal after an injectable treatment. Often things can be resolved by re-discussing the process, going over what the treatment was for, explaining the technique used and to recap what was expected post treatment.

Very occasionally a fine tuning of your treatment might be indicated.

Whatever your concerns are please book in for a complimentary review via the online booking menu.

If you’ve had a recent wrinkle reduction treatment within the last 2 weeks and would like a review please use the review booking option.  This slot is designed  as a check up or if you might want some extra product added.  If any extra product is needed,this will be charged accordingly.

If you have had a recent filler treatment (within the past month) and would like to be reviewed, please select review from the booking menu.  This slot is designed for patients who would like to have their fillers assessed for the results, bruising, excessove swelling, an obvious asymmetry or anything else you are not sure about.  Please write in the notes section of the booking what your concern is.

Prescription FAQs

Self Aesthetics is part of the Juvae family.  Juvae provides the network of prescribing Doctors and Nurse Practitioners who you will meet during your Telehealth consultation.

All Juvae medical team are trained in Aesthetic Medicine Emergencies and practice themselves in this field.

Simply click on your preferred compounding Pharmacy.  Fill out their patient forms and collect your topical anaesthetic.

Aspley Night & Day Pharmacy

Keperra Compounding Pharmacy