Consultation & Treatment for Wrinkle & Line Reduction

As facial muscles are attached to skin at one end and bone at the other in the face, when a muscle contracts the overlaying skin is pulled and a line or wrinkle in the skin is formed.  Lines and wrinkles become static or permanent because of a reduction in skin quality, bone and fat pad changes as we age.

There is one exception which is the masseter muscle which is connected to bone at both attachment points.  This muscle is one of the muscles involved in clenching your teeth.  The medical term for teeth clenching is Bruxism, this is where you unconsciously grind or clench your teeth.  Options for treating this muscle if appropriate will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Your muscle mechanics will determine the resting tone of your face.  Sometimes this leads us to looking grumpy in the upper face and sad in the lower face.

Wrinkle reduction consults and treatments can be coupled with Skin Hydration treatments, Facial Volumising Loss  and a Light Peel during the same appointment to assist with skin hydration, volume and contour.

  • Consultation pre treatment required